Figure 1.

Screenshot of HCM World Map Web interface Screenshot of HCM World Map Web interface webcite. Note the country name ToolTip ("United Kingdom") and the different map interface buttons on the left. Also note the overview map with a red positional square on the right; this helps users know where they are within the larger world map which cannot be displayed in full detail in one screen. The overview map is also clickable and can be used to select a different area for viewing. The world map is rendered as a chorochromatic map. Health information resources are mapped to countries (of authors/publishers) rather than cities and listed in a separate pop-up text window (query result page) to avoid map clutter. The latter would have been unavoidable had we opted to represent each resource using a distinct point symbol on the map ( cf. Map.Net – webcite. Note the "Find resources having the same primary subject as this one from all over the world" link at the end of each resource bibliographic card in the resource list pop-up window to the right.

Boulos et al. International Journal of Health Geographics 2002 1:1   doi:10.1186/1476-072X-1-1
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