Figure 23.

Screenshot of HCM World Map on the Web showing the Identify button function Screenshot of HCM World Map on the Web webcite. Note the depressed (selected) Identify button in the toolbar on the left and the pop-up message box displaying additional information on Canada after the latter was clicked. Any other information, e.g., health related, could have been displayed instead or additionally depending on what is available in the underlying table in ArcView from which these attributes are "pulled" and associated with the hypermaps when they are generated by WebView. Other buttons on the toolbar allow zooming in and out and panning the map, and activating the HotLink function (instead of Identify), so that clicking a country retrieves the bibliographic cards of resources associated with it in a separate pop-up window. Unlike the dynamic, always up-to-date information (database queries) associated with the HotLink button, information associated with the Identify button is static (exported with the maps from ArcView and detached from the latter) and can be only updated (if needed) by regenerating the maps using WebView.

Boulos et al. International Journal of Health Geographics 2002 1:1   doi:10.1186/1476-072X-1-1
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