Figure 6.

Stereoscopic 3-D virtual Earth with multitouch navigation. Screenshot of the multitouch-enabled Microsoft Surface Globe, part of Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7 [39], running on a Hewlett-Packard TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC. The tx2 notebook features a 12.1" multitouch display that allows the use of two or more fingers to navigate multitouch-enabled applications. Microsoft Surface Globe is shown rendered in anaglyph (red/cyan) stereo, with the iZ3D driver [5] wizard superimposed on it. The wizard helps users calibrate separation-convergence to get an optimal stereo image. Inset (upper right): shows the 'iZ3D Control Center (DirectX)' where users can select from a number of anaglyph output options supported by the driver.

Boulos and Robinson International Journal of Health Geographics 2009 8:59   doi:10.1186/1476-072X-8-59
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